Getting Started

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The Zaius React Native SDK module is an NPM package that will allow you to easily interact with the Zaius API via a "Mobile Apps" integration with an app that is written in React Native.
You can get started developing with Zaius with the Zaius Documentation. This guide will document how to use the Zaius React Native SDK to interact with the Zaius API.

Create Mobile Apps in Zaius UI

In order to use Zaius in your React Native application, you will first need to set up a Mobile App integration on the Zaius web app. In your Zaius account:
1. Click on "Account Settings" in the top-right 2. Click on "Integrations" in the left-hand sidebar 3. Click on the "Mobile Apps" card in the list 4. Create a new mobile app, name it, and remember the "short identifier". This will be used as the "app_id" later. 5. (Optional) install any necessary APNs keys or GCM keys that you need for push notifications. Note: Push notifications will not work unless you install keys here.
Your React Native app is now ready to begin integration with the SDK module.
Last modified 8mo ago