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Fetch production recommendations for a single customer (personal), based on a group of products (contextual), or overall best sellers.
  • For product recommendations based on a customer, the customer can be identified using one of vuid, email, zaius_alias_*, or customer_id.
  • For recommendations based on a group of products, the products can be identified by their respective product ids. Including a customer identifier on this type of request will exclude products purchased in the last 180 days from being returned.
If no customer identifier or product ids are provided (or if no associated recommendations are available), then 7-day best sellers are returned as fallbacks.
Product records that are returned will include all the base Zaius product fields in addition to any custom fields defined in your product schema:
There will be an extra field “recommendation_type” in the returned results. The field shows which type of recommendations is being returned, of “personal”, “contextual” or “best_sellers”.
  • personal recommendations refer to products recommended to the specific customer
  • contextual recommendations refer to recommended products related to input products
  • best_sellers are calculated based on past seven days of orders (by units)
Product recommendation results will automatically be filtered using the Content Shield Filter set up for the account. Query-specific filters (criteria) can be added per the query parameters below.
Structuring criteria filters:
{"operator": "AND",
[{"field": "_on_sale",
"datatype": "boolean",
"value": "false",
"operator": "="},
{"field": "_gender",
"datatype": "char",
"value": "mens",
"operator": "="}]
Example Request
curl -iX GET \
'[email protected]&product_id=1234,1235&limit=10' \
-H 'x-api-key: example.apiKey'
Product Recommendations Workflow
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